Poems of a Black Girl from Chicago

Poems of a Black Girl from Chicago

by Victoria Hatch 


Because I am Black.
I am beautiful.

My skin is rich, blended with melanin.
It glows and glistens in the light.
My natural curls blow in the wind
Kinky, bouncy, and full of life.

Because I am Black.
I am beautiful.

From my sweet honey stare
To my little brown toes.

Because I am Black.
I am beautiful.

My full lips reveal a smile.
A blooming flower that always grows.
My head held high
Confidence present in my stride.

Because I am Black.
I am beautiful.


Attitude? What Attitude?

Head Rollin’
Finger Wavin’
Hand Clappin’

Lip Smackin’
Eye Rollin’
Loud Mouthin’

Foot Stompin’
Ghetto Talkin’
Finger Snappin’

Lip Poutin’
Rude Actin’
Head Cockin’

Fast Walkin’
Foul Talkin’
Neck Rollin’




I’m proud of where I’m from.
No, the streets may not be clean
There is a liquor store on every corner
The police are mean.

Kids running the streets
Listening to hip hop
They play fake shooting
“Pop Pop Pop.”

People are loud
Life moves fast.
Just take a moment
To make it last.

This is Stoney Island, Chicago
I come from with pride.
Say something smart
My people won’t let it slide.

I smell chicken in the air
Now make the Kool-Aid too.
Momma finishes my hair
And sends me off to school.

We are ass shakin’
Play our music!

I’m from the Ghetto
I’m proud
And educated


Victoria Hatch is a Sociology major at the University of Iowa minoring in English on a pre-law track. When she isn’t being a big sister or running trails in her free time, she is out trying to get her voice heard in the community. Her favorite quote since high school has been, “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” -William Shakespeare