A Life Politic

A Life Politic

by Bree Jones 


I have never been one for democracy
Or the hypocrisy of vicious politicians
Twisted with deceit, hungry for the defeat
Of opulent opponents
Making lions of lambs
The slaughter of women and men in different lands
The trifles of rifles, cease fires
Or murders by the invisible hand
So paint the flag
The forgotten colors of our fallen fathers.

Where be the course of action for this
Splintering infraction of our united nation
Divided by the animals we align with?
I’ve given much thought without reason
Diabolical thoughts dressed in treason
On how this glorious nation should be run.
Let the people decide who lives and who dies
Let the cry of infants cleanse the streets
Red and blue-blooded
Let democracy sing from the racketeers
The pioneers of our cursed age
Let war rage in the streets as the rich sleep
Slumped over their clumped lump sums of bloody money
How funny, you say, democracy is In its disguise of lies
In it’s disguise of lies

The day I rule the world is the day greed dies.


Bree Jones is a fourth year Journalism and Mass Communications major.